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Any authorized user can make changes in the rundown in real time, from any PC. These changes will be immediately updated in all the connected vsnnews terminal.

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Vsnairnews sends the texts to the teleprompter and commands the CG to insert titles. If the rundown sequence changes, the texts in vsnprompter and vsncg are also automatically changed in a synchronic way, without any operator intervention.

Automation: the rundown is not a simple playlist of video files. It allows camera INs with duration for intros. External feeds and VTRs can be operated manually or automatically with an external keypad control. Video mixers can be controlled through a RS422 connection. vsnairnews can automatically control the video mixer, apply selected transitions and video effects for camera-video transitions in a fully unattended way, without any operator. The sequence of events can even be run by the news anchor.

Duration clocks tell directors the duration of the current program, time under runs, and over runs, and allow adjustments and changes in the rundown up to 5 seconds before the contents go On Air. It can also operate as a slave playout controlled by third parties.

Vsnairnews is the multiformat playout, independent of the compression of the video files in the rundown, whether it be DV25/50/100, MPEG-2 IBP, MPEG-2 I-frame, MXF, QT, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, WM9; SD and HD. All files can be placed in the same rundown without rendering or transcoding processes of any kind. It is also compatible with the most popular NLEs: Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Grassvalley, Final CutPro, etc.

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