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This technology avoids having to depend on sensor systems with the consequent savings in costs.

The VSNfreemove graphical engine allows for spectacular virtual camera scenes and thus provides complete freedom of movement in a virtual scenario.

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With vsnfreemove, extremely wide spaces can be created (both in front of and behind real objects), with a perfect integration of both images and real and virtual objects, which is a very costly matter in real sets.

It Includes:
  • The design of virtual sets with three different areas. News, Weather and Multipurpose. It offers the possibility of creating new virtual sets in accordance with specific characteristics
  • One year software maintenance. Including software updates and technical help
  • Hardware:CPU, nVidia graphic board, four inputs board in SDI, two outputs in SDI
  • User-friendly interface: the system has a user interface that is very intuitive and easy to handle, which requires no previous knowledge
  • High quality chroma-key: this incorporates a high-quality process integrated within the software that facilitates operation
  • Advance video mixer: storage of different frames for each scene. All such frames are easy and simple to select
  • FreeFlight technology: this allows for carrying out virtually-controlled camera movements
  • Virtual screens: this includes an external video inlet in order to insert it in one or several videowalls within the scenario, both in SD and in HD
  • Multicameras: the application has been designed to be able to work with 4 real cameras at the same time
  • Inputs/outputs connections: 4 SDI inputs, 2 SDI outputs and 1 ref.video input

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