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Barracuda Encoder


Barracuda Encoder

Supporting a wide variety of IP streaming standards, the Barracuda is an ideal contribution tool for almost any application. The Barracuda also supports both forward error correction (FEC) and encryption, making it a perfect fit within Haivision’s Furnace end-to-end H.264 IP video solution.

Integrated with the Furnace

Haivision’s Furnace system is an end-to-end IP video system that provides network resiliency through forward error correction and absolutely secure video distribution to the ”zero footprint” InStream™player and the Stingray™ set-top box through the support of AES encryption. The Barracuda supports these critical standards so that companies can be confident that the video is 100% secure - from the point of encoding all the way to the viewers. The Barracuda provides end-to-end confidence that only those who are allowed to view specific content can access that content, and that they cannot record or copy that content directly.

Efficient H.264

The Barracuda is based on the highly efficient H.264 compression standard, saving over 50% of the bandwidth and disk space required by MPEG-2 IP video deployments. The Barracuda accepts Composite, S-Video, and Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard definition inputs. It also supports both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio as well as digital audio embedded within the SDI signal. The Barracuda can produce H.264 streams at full resolution and full frame rate at up to 8 Mbps, and yet with built-in downscaling and partial frame rate support can emit streams as low as 150 kbps.

"Encode Once" technology

The Barracuda marries the most advanced IP video networking video features with the power and ubiquity of the H.264 standard. Supporting HiLo-Streaming™, each Barracuda can encode the same incoming SD stream using two different encoder settings simultaneously. For example, one setting might support full resolution full bandwidth for LAN distribution and another setting might provide CIF resolution at a much lower bandwidth for internet streaming. In addition, up to 8 H.264 streams can be emitted by the Barracuda, with each stream assigned an encoder setting, its unique IP encapsulation, and with or without encryption and forward error correction. A single Barracuda with a single video source can simultaneously power diverse delivery systems allowing companies to encode their live video once and deliver it across their networks and the internet, without having to introduce intermediary transrating systems that reduce reliability and add cost and latency.

Extreme Performance in a Compact Form Factor

The Barracuda is based on Haivision’s progressive ASIC / DSP mini-blade architecture and is available as an ultra compact appliance for single channel encoding, within a 4RU chassis that can contain up to 21 Barracuda H.264 encoders or a 1RU chassis that can contain up to 6 Barracuda encoders for high density challenges. The Barracuda encodes standard definition video to H.264 in well under 70 milliseconds.


Although the Barracuda is complete with the latest compression and networking features, it remains an easy to use, easy to deploy, robust appliance. Users can control the Barracuda through its intuitive web interface (complete with on-line help facilities). Integrators may opt to control the Barracuda over IP or serial port via its comprehensive command line interface or even through SNMP.

Additionally advanced encoder control is available directly through Haivision’s Furnace IP video system.

H.264 Compatibility
The Barracuda fully supports H.264 video compression and AAC audio compression, industry standards that have been adopted by every major company in the IP video market segment. End-to-end solutions rely on seamless interoperability. Haivision’s applications team takes compliance, third party, and quality assurance testing seriously. The Barracuda is interoperable with industry standard set top boxes, with HaiPLAY (Haivision’s open source free performance soft player) and VideoLAN’s VLC player. With the release of Haivision’s Furnace, the Barracuda is also integrated with and compatible with the Furnace Portal Manager, the InStream player, and the Stingray set top box, providing a complete end-to-end H.264 IP video distribution system.


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