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Makito Decoder


Makito Decoder

The Makito Decoder delivers HD digital video with embedded audio to both its 3G-SDI and HDMI interfaces. Both interfaces support all HD standards up to 1080p60. The HDMI output also supports the decoding and display of computer resolution sources encoded by the Makito, including 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1920x1080. The Makito Decoder also supports balanced and unbalanced analog audio output.

Highest Density

The Makito Decoder is available as a stand-alone appliance or when ordered as a single board (mini-blade) it can be used within Haivisionʼs multi-blade chassis. The MB6 chassis holds up to 6 Makito mini-blades in a one rack unit (1RU) form factor and achieves the highest encoding/decoding density available. The MB6 is available with a single AC, DC, or Medical Grade power supply. The MB21 chassis holds up to 21 Makito mini-blades in a convenient four rack unit (4RU) form factor. Any combination of Makito Encoders and Makito Decoders are supported within these systems to accommodate any streaming environment. The Makito Decoder mini-blade is also available in a dual-blade size for serial port capability to be hosted in either the MB6 or MB21.

Security and Error Recovery

The Makito Decoder incorporates highly secure AES decryption of unicast or multicast signals to provide end-toend secure video when coupled with Makito encoders and Haivisionʼs Furnace IP Video System. This is especially important for deployments where live video is transmitted and the content needs guaranteed protection against recording. Such is the case with live professional sports where content is very valuable to the owners or within medical where patient confidentiality is paramount. The Makito Decoder also supports forward error correction (FEC) error recovery and fine grained control of its IP receive buffers to enable the capture of streams that may have traversed impaired IP networks.

The Performance Alternative

When considering delivery options for IP video encoded with Haivisionʼs Makito, Barracuda, or Mako products, integrators have many options because these devices emit industry standard H.264 IP video streams (with AAC audio compression included) that are encapsulated with the ubiquitous MPEG-2 Transport Stream format. Makito streams are compatible with Haivisionʼs Furnace end-to-end IP video system supporting the InStream player and Stingray set top box technology, with industry standard set top boxes from third party vendors, with streaming servers such as Wowza supporting Flash, and with free, open-source soft players such as VLC by VideoLAN. However, when end-to-end latency, channel density, stream security, or HD-SDI is a consideration, the Makito Decoder reigns.

Makito Decoder Feature Details
  • HD H.264 decoding
  • 3G-SDI output to 1080p60
  • HDMI output to 1080p60
  • < 70 millisecond end-to-end latency (with Makito)
  • Digital and analog audio


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