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Tower 8 bays A08S-PS

Accusys A08S-PS

Today, producing HD film, 3D animation had been a trend in industry. Follow up with the video editors have more requirements about applications、 the artistic creators need higher speed of processor and larger memory to satisfy high speed calculation. Relatively, the connection of processor and HBA must upgrade synchronously. The PCIe interface’s high bandwidth transportation provides media workgroups stable performance that you don’t have to worry about the situation such like frames drop and unstable of read/write process. The advantages of high bandwidth in PCIe made it ideally suits 3D editing group when do such like creating、special effects dimming color correction in uncompressing format or even editing in 2K/HD

Extreme performance Flexible expanding Best Choice for Editors

Styling technology Best collocation for video editing environment

We know that good working environment can yield more and better creativity inspiration. Silver metallic chassis, skyblue LCD signal light and properly size, A08S-PS makes a lot of customers response us: It is quite match that to integrate A08S-PS with my working environment together. It is obvious that the A08S-PS is an functionality and styling storage system.

Interface precise suitable for Media workgroup PCIe V.S FC V.S eSATA

Different from other interfaces which double the time of signal transporting, PCIe interface provides the highest speed lowest retardation and consistent stability data flow. A08S-PS supports 3G SAS and SATA hard-disk, users can select hard drives depend on usage and budget. For users who pursue an cost-friendly storage system, SATA HDD is an ideal choice to establish a 16TB-large capacity, for users who demand high data security, they can choose high stability and optimized performance SAS HDD to process large data flow. Base on PCIe high-tech specification, which provides 250MB/s bandwidth in every channel, the A08S-PS has four data transmission channel that is the reason why A08S can reach 10Gb/s bandwidth. Compare with Firewire technology’s 250~300MB/s throughput, the A08S’ 750MB/s is far faster. The A08S-PS’ high performance not only stands for maximizing the utilization of every HDD but also represents the quality standard and efficiency at film editing process for media workgroup.

Unique design for cooling

Different from the usual solution that the RAID card combined with JBOD, the RAID controller of A08S is designed in its system which the problem of host overheating will not happened. In addition, two 12cm x 12cm built-in FAN module maximize the cooling efficiency, low radiation and low-noise.

Spend as needed and pay as you grow

Under RAID5 setting, A08S-PS equipped with eight 2TB hard-disks can create 10Gb bandwidth and 14TB capacity working environment which is capable to store 8~9 hours of uncompressed High Definition video. For editors who work on upscale projects which is required huge capacity to manage a huge mount of footage, connecting two A08S with a dual PCIex4 port HBA can generate 20Gb of bandwidth ,1400MB/s of data transportation and 28TB capacity via striping these two A08S by Software RAID. For users who request further larger storage capacity, ExaSAN G1 Switch let one work station is able to connect seven A08S systems as maximum, and extend the capacity to 112TB to approach working environment’s requirement.

Easy to SAN via ExaSAN

The A08S-PS is capable to satisfy any single workstation’s workflow, regardless high bandwidth requirements or storing lots of films and art materials. Nowadays, a complete project usually needs dividing the works for every work stations which has its particular task to do with. One of the serious problem is wasting time by data transfer. On the other side, saving the same data cause resources wasting. Accusys provides an ExaSAN switch kit solution, which can easily upgrade your local A08S-PS to the share media volume, for multiple work stations environment. ExaSAN is able to connect up to 12 clients sharing the A08S-PS. The ExaSAN solution is compatible with most of SAN software such as Xsan, StorNext, MetaSAN and Firejet and provides different platform, such like MAC Windows, Linux driver. Shared media volume which is greatly improves your productivity and save valuable time.


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