Acuity Large Production Switcher

Acuity Large Production Switcher

Acuity is the top-of-the-line large production switcher designed to handle the world’s most challenging live events. This switcher has been built to easily adapt to evolving technology in the video production industry and is built with the biggest creative feature set – for the biggest productions.

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Vast ME Resources

With a true layering engine and more keyers to add graphic elements, compositing complex scenes on a single ME are no problem.

Future-Ready with UHD & IP Capability

Built with the future in mind, Acuity addresses the latest video formats and transport methods, while enabling a gradual transition from your existing equipment.

Fully-Integrated Monitoring

A simple and flexible monitoring solution eliminates the need for external routing systems, signal distribution systems, computers, wiring, and system complexity.

Peak Switcher Flexibility

Acuity lets you do more with every single ME. Split each ME into two buses and make full use of ME resources with multiple configurable and keyable outputs per ME.

Customizable Design

Superior value is offered with upgradable frames that fit in smaller spaces, include an impressive array of standard features, and work with a variety of control panels.

Powerful Processing

Acuity frames can be outfitted with specialized I/O cards for total input and output processing power or hybrid SDI/IP connectivity.


Powerful Production Engines

Two production engines implemented in 4RU and 8RU frames, enable Acuity to eliminate I/O limitations and add new levels of internal processing power and signal management capability. SD, HD, 3G and 4K production are all easy to achieve within these two processing engines.

Output Transitions

The Acuity Production Switcher’s design brings independent mixing and keying capability to auxiliary bus outputs.

Facility-Grade MultiViewers

With flexible ME/MultiViewer resources, and input MultiViewers on optional MultiProcessing input cards, Acuity can be the single monitoring hub for your entire facility. Benefit from huge reductions in wiring, external routing, and signal distribution systems – for a cost-effective monitoring workflow.

MultiFeed Split MEs

Acuity’s MultiFeed technology allows each ME to be split into 2 MES, each with independent control.

MultiFeed Configurable Outputs

MultiFeed provides the configurable output power you need for multiple feeds with different branding/captioning requirements or to drive on-stage displays – all from a single ME.

Tremendous DVE Resources

Acuity delivers a new level of DVE resources in a single ME to create incredible composite “box shots”.

Acuity Version V9.1 – The Control Update

Available for download Fall 2019, the V9.1 software update makes it easier to control Acuity from a variety of control systems & interfaces


4K Production Switcher

Acuity handles 4K productions without requiring expensive upgrades. With the click of a button this switcher can be turned in to a fully-featured multi-ME 4K switcher.

Single-Link 12G Connectivity

Acuity offers hybrid solutions that simultaneously utilize 3G quad link and 12G SDI single-link connectivity to help you make the transition to a UHD facility.

AIMS-Compliant IP

AcuityIP delivers IP support for Acuity, the world’s most powerful production switcher, with AIMS-compliant IP options to interface to standards-based SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 infrastructures.

Modular I/O Cards

Acuity engines are built with a modular input and output matrix, to easily swap in unique I/O cards that build upon the Acuity feature set. All these cards are compatible with each other on a single chassis and allow you to customize your Acuity switcher to serve as a hybrid-IP switcher, a signal-processing hub, or a 12G-capable UHD switcher.

12G MultiProcessing Module

The definitive choice for a 12G SDI single-link facility, the multiprocessing module provides several benefits during an HD-to-UHD migration:

  • 12G Connector on Every Fourth Input – Up to 15 (4RU) or 30 (8RU) 12G can be added to the Acuity engines.
  • Complete Video Processing on Every Input – Every connector in the input module has dedicated processing amplifiers and color correctors, guaranteeing a consistent look amongst sources and freeing up internal switcher resources.
  • Handles Any Signal, Format and Range – Every multiprocessing Input Module is built with frame synchronizers, format converters, SDR to HDR converters, Level B to Level A converters, and UHD Quad to 2SI converters.
  • Additional Monitoring on Every Card – Every input module is built with a 20 input MultiViewer that can be sent to any output in the system or be included in other video processor based MultiViewers.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

  • Sports & Live Venue
  • Government
  • News
  • CorporateVirtual Studio
  • House of Worship
  • Mobile
  • Education

Control Panels

Choose from one of 6 control panels, then match it to the chassis that best suits your application.

Acuity 4, Acuity 3, Acuity 3MAcuity 2X, Acuity 2M, Acuity 1S, Carbonite Black 1, Carbonite Black 2.

Acuity 4 Control Panels
Acuity 4Acuity 4DD
• 40 Crosspoint Buttons on Panel with Mnemonics
• 4 Mix Effects Control Rows (Stripes)
• 40 Custom Control Macro Buttons with 48 Banks
• 38 Crosspoint Buttons on Panel with Mnemonics
• 4 Crosspoint Row Source selection buttons
• 4 Mix Effects Control Rows (Stripes)
• 37 Custom Control Macro Buttons with 48 Banks

The Control Update

Acuity Version V9.1

Available for download Fall 2019, the V9.1 software update makes it easier to control Acuity from a variety of control systems & interfaces:

Direct Ultritouch Integration
Acuity V9.1 introduces direct integration with the Ultritouch facility monitoring and control panel from Ross, providing Ultritouch with a purpose-built AUX Bus routing control panel that centralizes router and switcher AUX control into a single interface.

TSL Bus Messaging
Expansion of TSL Version 5 messaging from Acuity provides greater information to external control systems. Control systems can now identify what sources, keyers, and buses are active; allowing for more data analytics.

New OverDrive Features & Functionality
With V9.1 software, we’ve added a number of features and functionality requests that have come in from OverDrive / Acuity customer including:

  • Independent ME Still Stores
  • Improved display of attached Custom Controls via color schemes
  • Additional supported PTZ Camera models: Sony BRC-1000 and JVC Cameras
  • And many more!

Additional Lawo Ember+ Features
Lawo Ember+ audio consoles enjoy more control directly from the Acuity switcher, including audio gain control and advanced input control.

Expanding Knob Scroll Display
The little quality-of-life features matter, and this direct customer request had to do with viewing options in the scrolling lists/selectors in the Acuity menu display. With Expanding Knob Scroll Display users can set the size of the list/selector box to expand when scrolling through with the knobs, making it easier to see the available choices without having to squint their eyes!

DoubleDown Efficiency

Acuity DoubleDown panels are a premium option that doubles the number of key/aux bus assignment buttons for every ME row. This greatly accelerates the operation of large I/O systems in fast-paced productions, where shift functions to access mapped sources are undesirable.


FEATURESAcuity 4RUAcuity 8RU
Multi-Definition InputsUp to 60Up to 120
Multi-Definition OutputsUp to 40Up to 60
Mix Effect Buses (MEs)Up to 6.5Up to 8

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