The AJ-CX4000 is the latest addition to the 4K camcorder ‘CX Series’, which has been introduced to support UHD content acquisition for newsgathering operations, to stream live events, and for sports and documentary capture.


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The CX4000 features an interchangeable B4 lens mount and is equipped with a newly-developed 11MP MOS sensor with a horizontal resolution of 2000 TV lines. It is compatible with HDR capture, supporting both BT.2100 and BT.2020 colour space, in providing images high in sensitivity and low in noise.

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  • Newly-developed 4.4K sensor for high quality 4K (UHD) image recording with 2000 TV lines
  • Large single-sensor internal expansion lens imaging system with interchangeable B4 mount
  • HDR HLG support (compliant with BT.2100 & BT.2020)
  • Newly-added HEVC 100Mbps codec for ENG (4K 4:2:0 10-bit)
  • F10 (60 Hz)/F11 (50 Hz) sensitivity in High Sens. Mode


  • With a newly developed 4.4K sensor, it realizes ultra-high-definition resolution, high sensitivity, low noise and a wide dynamic range. Additionally the newly developed color filter reduces energy leakage to other channels and improves spectral characteristics.
  • This allows for color reproducibility equivalent to that of a 3-sensor system with low power consumption.
  • This new acquisition method maximizes the effectiveness of incident light.



  • The high efficiency and high image-quality HEVC codec is adopted for the recording of 4K images, with long-time recording with 4K/10-bit image quality possible whilst keeping both bitrate and storage size under control. It achieves a bitrate of 200Mbps equivalent to master grade in HD production and 100Mbps equivalent to master grade in HD ENG (news production).
  • The colour sampling in 4K at 50p/60p guarantees a sufficient image quality even at 4:2:0 compared to the conventional HD broadcast master, whilst offering smooth playback on hardware-accelerated editing systems.
  • The high-speed transfer and reliable expressP2 card or low-running cost microP2 card/SDXC memory cards can also be used. It also supports the recording of the AVC Ultra HD codec from the P2HD series.



  • Images can be distributed in HD mode to internet live streaming services thanks to the built-in encoder for video streaming independently of recording using the ‘Direct Streaming’ function, compatible with RTSP, RTMP and RTMPS. Internal HD (MOV/P2-MXF) recording is also possible during streaming.
  • The LAN terminal, equipped with a lock mechanism with 1000BASE-T compatibility, supporting NDI|HX connectivity. Transmission and camera control is possible with an IP connection, and can be linked to a recording/distribution system combined with Panasonic’s remote camera systems.

1: There are some conditions under which streaming is not
possible, such as when recording in UHD format or using NDI|HX mode.

2. The P2 Network Setting Software is convenient for setting up the RTMP and RTSP functions. See the section “Connection Confirmed Live Video Distribution Services”, for the live video streaming services that have been confirmed to be compatible.

3. NDI|HX, a technology of NewTek, Inc.


  • The CX4000 has similar ergonomics to previous ENG cameras, with a robust body that matches the weight of conventional HD shoulder camcorders at 3.4kgs.
  • The camera features a newly-developed 3.5-type LCD monitor and monochrome OLED display for timecode, audio metering and status information. It also has both a 12G SDI output, HDMI output and LAN connection.




Easy IP Wireless Control from a Tablet or Smartphone

The AJ-CX4000GJ can be controlled remotely and wirelessly using the tablet/smartphone app “CX ROP” (downloadable for free from the App Store or Google Play). This app allows to display camera information and change camera settings. It is also equipped with a wealth of remote functions for output signal selection, USER button setting, REC S/S and many others.




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