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For the last 30 years modern newsroom systems have been dominated by proprietary and in many ways obsolete technology. Most newsrooms are designed around the technology to deliver news and not the journalist. OnTheAir News takes a different view by leveraging the power, easy of use and security of the Apple platform to drag news production into the modern age.

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News consumption is changing, not much news there really, it has always been changing. The only way to stay relevant is to invest in open solutions that stay away from fixed ideas and more importantly get the most out of your biggest asset – your talent. Radio, print, web, email ,SMS, TV, RSS, podcast, there will always be a new way of reaching an audience, if you have open systems that allow your journalists to work the way they want and keep them happy, then the future need not be full of fear.

Flexibility with style

Creating the right environment for your story tellers is crucial to maintaining your edge, whether is delivering split second headline news or in-depth analysis with many hours of research, the Apple platform offers the best in class environment, more power per kilowatt used, along with the greeniest and lowest total cost of ownership in it’s class. In reality news happens in the real world, so all this is also possible to take on the road as an iPhone intecutting edge laptops.

Painless Integration

OnTheAir News is cost effective and can scale from a small community radio station news team to a local or regional broadcast television news channel, all with complete integration to a range of rich media editors for adding graphics, audio and video to any story. Web delivery is not an afterthought but is designed as part of OnTheAir News, allowing instant RSS feed delivery and either automatic page encoding compete with imagery or open access via PHP to existing web servers.

Introducing the first true Apple Mac based newsroom system for TV, mobile and web distribution

Based upon one of the worlds most open and popular (over 10 million users) database architecture, Filemaker Pro, OnTheAir News offers a complete newsroom solution from story creation, editing, browsing media, integration with Apple Final Cut Pro, RSS feed creation and delivery to OnTheAir Video for play out. OnTheAir News also leverages both Filemaker’s cross platform capabilities for Windows users and the remote capabilities of Filemaker Mobile, allowing remote journalists to create and send stories back to base from anywhere in the world.

OnTheAir News is a true client server solution for creating and managing news bulletins for TV and web delivery. OnTheAir News leverages the power of Mac OS X and one of the worlds leading database platforms to deliver a truly open newsroom environment, whether it’s just 2 journalists or 200, OnTheAir News delivers integrated work flows only previous enjoyed by proprietary and expensive systems. No matter if you are creating HD news or managing RSS feeds OnTheAir News can be tailored to your needs using industry standard open formats such as XML, XLST, PHP, and SQL. OnTheAir News offers full presenter and voice over script creation tools, including a library of presenter read rates and auto spell check tools. OnTheAir News’s Final Cut Pro Integration means that any story can have media of any format associated to it then sent to FCP for editing. Once complete finished packages are automatically associated back to each story so as the final bulletin or rundown is sent to OnTheAir Video for playback. All media packages are automatically ready for playback.

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