Lasergraphics The Director

Advanced film handling and continuing exponential increases in digital processing enables new archival film scanning and restoration techniques.

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  • Unsurpassed 4K image quality at a revolutionary price point
  • Warped film held flat on 4 sides with pressure plate for superior full-frame uniform focus
  • Triple-Flash High Dynamic Range (HDR) scanning for the best capture of print film shadow detail
  • Accepts thick splices up to 0.75mm
  • Accepts film shrinkage up to 2.5%
  • On-the-fly color and dye fade correction
    • Oversized film scanning aperture
      2D optical pin-registration for best stability of shrunk and damaged film
      Infrared dust and scratch detection and reduction option
      16mm/35mm optical soundtrack readers featuring:
    • Simultaneous scanning of image and soundtrack
    • Synchronized image and sound output to ProRes (no third-party tools required)
    • Reduced frame rate sound scanning for fragile film
    • Diffuse light source for optical scratch and fingerprint reduction
  • Continuously self-calibrating, cool LED light source protects film from heat damage
  • Enclosed cabinet with positive pressure HEPA filtration avoids dust contamination from normal office environments
  • Power requirements similar to a standard PC workstation
  • Operates in normal office environment — no special cooling required
  • Seamless and easy integration with popular restoration systems
  • 2K and 4K imaging resolution options
  • 19 frames/second at full aperture B&W
  • 11 frames/second at full aperture Color
  • 3 frames/second for 4K, full aperture
  • KeyKode Reader
  • Film gate options:
    • 35mm 2/3/4 perf negative film
    • 35mm 2/3/4 perf print film
    • 35mm 2/3/4 perf restoration negative film
    • 16mm/Super 16mm
    • High precision optics and CCD area imager
  • Meticulously calibrated, aligned and tested at the factory.
  • Self-calibrating intensity, focus, and film base
  • Full one year warranty (parts and labor)
  • Extended warranty available
  • Host computer pre-configured and ready-to-use with MS Windows and Lasergraphics CineDirector Motion Picture Film Scanning System software featuring:
    • Full transport and scanning control
    • Adjustable horizontal and vertical framing with visual selection of scan area
    • Aperture and shading correction
    • Automatic or manual DMin calibration
    • Fast interactive grey balance and base calibration
    • Shuttling from 1 to 100 frames/second (200 frames/second for 16mm) with image preview and KeyKode recognition.
    • Selectable imaging speed from 1 to 19 frames/second
    • KeyKode-based job management
    • Multiple simultaneous output resolutions and data formats including DPX and all popular QuickTime codecs.
    • Fast HD QuickTime Dailies
    • Per-clip color correction
    • Negative film type optimization
      Many common negative film types are carefully characterized at Lasergraphics to allow CineDirector to compensate for variation.  The result is more accurate color reproduction and less time spent color grading.
    • RollView with thumbnail preview and automatic clip/splice detection at up to 100 frames/second (200 frames/second for 16mm).

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